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We are an Internet eXchange provider and managed service platform. Defaultroute supports our customers using best-in-class products in our portfolio of services.

Our platform provides a 100% guaranteed un-contended transit. Our customers access high levels of data-plane control and enjoy end-to-end QoS support. With direct attached fiber and IPSEC connectivity to many cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud we offer low latency access to many leading ERP and application services.

Our Tier-1 upstream access uses transit from the worlds largest Tier-1 providers. We also support transit over two of the world busiest Internet Exchanges so single hop reachability to thousands of content creation platforms including YouTube and Vimeo.

Assured Internet Transit and IP Services

Defaultroute can help to protect your infrastructure using our dedicated in-house DDoS mitigation platform. Offering peace of mind, high capacity IP services and as a fully managed service.

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Defaultroute is an Internet Service Provider and hybrid cloud operator. We support a dual stack IP transit service for all of our customers across Europe and the Middle East using fixed line and satellite connectivity platforms.


Tier-1 transit in Tier-3 DC's across Europe, Public Cloud interconnects to AWS, Azure and Google. IXP membership, O3b direct connect for MEO satellite connectivity.


Defaultroute has always invested in its backbone and services. We built upon one theme, stability, performance and all at price point to match the demands of the customer.


Defaultroute is a pure-play managed IP service provider. We push packets, forward frames, secure services and abend attacks.

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